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Darren Flick LL.B (Hons) – Director & Solicitor-Advocate

Darren is a founding Director of Darton Law and is passionate about providing a comprehensive and professional service to every client. When dealing with clients Darren’s approach has always been to obtain a full understanding of their case and make sure they feel comfortable that every avenue has been explored. It is important they get a full professional service.

Motoring Law

Darren has been a Criminal Defence Lawyer for many years representing clients in both the Magistrates and the Crown Court in relation to a wide variety of motoring offences. Representing somebody for allegations in relation to their driving involves a full understanding of every aspect of Criminal litigation. Darren is particularly good at considering the finer details of a case and is meticulous in his preparation of witness statements, letters to the Court and representations to the Crown Prosecution Service. In most cases, he has been successful in persuading the Court or the Crown to accept his client’s mitigating circumstances or withdraw the charges completely.

Motoring offences carry a variety of punishments if a person is found guilty which can have a devastating as the result can mean a person losing their license. Darren is fully aware of these consequences and can listen to his clients’ needs when preparing a case. He is pragmatic about the way forward when it comes to challenging the evidence being placed before the Court.

Over his career, Darren has represented people in the full spectrum of motoring offences including death by dangerous driving, speeding offences, driving otherwise than in accordance with a license, drink & drug driving and many other offences under The Road Traffic Act.

Crown Court Advocacy

Darren Flick is a Solicitor Advocate (all proceedings) meaning he can represent people in all Courts in England and Wales whether in criminal or civil proceedings. His Practice includes both Criminal and Civil Litigation. Qualifying in 2005, he has had the opportunity of preparing and presenting a wide variety of cases in both Criminal and Civil Litigation.

Since 2007 Darren has been representing clients in Crown Courts as an Advocate. He has had the opportunity of conducting numerous jury trials. In every case, he takes the time to take detailed instructions and prepares carefully every aspect of the case. Darren sees his role as working very closely with his clients to obtain the best result. If someone pleads guilty or is found guilty, he works hard to mitigate their circumstances and applies the relevant sentencing guidelines to achieve the lowest possible sentence.

Police Station and Magistrates

Darren regularly attends Police Station and the Magistrates Courts and conducts trials in the Crown Court. He can offer a cradle to grave service by representing people at the police station and through the Magistrates Court and ultimately the Crown Court. This has the inevitable benefit of providing a full service to Darton Law’s clients allowing them to have confidence that they will be represented by somebody who knows their case fully.

Civil Litigation

In addition to Criminal Litigation, Darren also represents clients in civil matters from High Court injunctions to County Court money claims. Darton Law offer, in most cases, a fixed fee service. Darren will guide you through each stage of civil litigation and advise you comprehensively on the options as both a Claimant and a Defendant. It is sometimes very daunting when being taken to Court and Darren will be able to provide representation to put you at ease. When considering taking someone to Court as a Claimant, Darren will be able to provide you sound advice on the merits of your potential claim before embarking on civil proceedings.

Notable Cases

R v C
Historic Sexual Assault.

This case involved an allegation of historic sexual assault dating back to the 1970s. The critical evidence in the case related to the identity of the defendant and the description given by the alleged Complainant. This involved the scrutiny of the accounts given by the complainants and investigation into various records held by the local Council and Education Authorities to put together a comprehensive defence. Further investigations included site visits and plans and tracing witnesses through video footage and pictorial evidence. Darren represented this client at a full trial and the result ended in the client’s acquittal on all counts.

R v I

Darren was represented the defendant as solicitor preparing his case. This involved a three-handed murder allegation in which our client was 16 years old. The descriptions given by witnesses heavily relied on one specific piece of clothing. After careful consideration of over 100 hours of CCTV, Darren identify a timeline of events which when taken with other evidence proved that the client was unable to be in the location of the murder at the time it occurred. Following the presentation of this evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service, they withdrew the charge and offered no evidence. The case continued against the remaining defendants who were found guilty.

Personal Interests

When not working at Darton Law, Darren is actively involved in local community theatre. He appears on stage and enjoys performing in musicals and plays. To keep fit, Darren regularly runs and has completed more than 20 marathons. He enjoys seeing friends and family and spending time with his wife and son.

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Anthony Mitchell LL.B (Hons) – Solicitor-Advocate

Anthony is a senior Solicitor-Advocate who qualified in 1998. He specialises in Criminal Advocacy along with other private client matters.

He is responsible for managing and developing both the Private client department and Legal Aid specialism within the firm.

He is a Solicitor/Advocate who regularly presents serious cases in the various Crown Courts. The range of cases that Anthony has defended include murders, aged sex offences, rapes, serious assaults and major drug cases. He is approachable and always feels a good rapport with clients.

Anthony has a wealth of experience in all courts. This dates back to 1972 and he continues as a very experienced Advocate at the current time. Between 1972 and 1996 he was a Metropolitan Police Officer, concluding his service as a Detective Inspector. During this period, he was responsible for the investigation and presentation of the most serious criminal cases including several murders. His duties, prior to the arrival of the CPS necessitated the proper presentation of the case, briefing Counsel and steering Counsel with regard to their presentation. Since 1996, his role has somewhat reversed in that he is now the fore-running Advocate in serious cases.

He has acted as a defence advocate in matters of murder, serious sexual offences (involving current and aged rape allegations), serious and significant drugs matter and of course robbery offences.

The serious offences naturally leave the Crown into seeking to frustrate the assets of convicted criminal by way of proceeds crime applications. The POCA Act 2002 is a punitive and complicated Act designed to remove the proceeds crime from those convicted. Anthony is experienced in dealing with such applications and recognises that, whilst a convicted felon might be content to serve a term of imprisonment, the removal of all his assets can amount to a more serious punishment in his mind.

It can be seen therefore that Anthony’s experience is wide ranging and has placed him on both sides of the fence whether for the prosecution or for the defendant.

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Nina Kaikini LL.B (Hons) – Solicitor-Advocate

Nina is a senior Solicitor-Advocate, who qualified in 2003. She specialises in all aspects of Private Client matters, as well as Criminal Litigation.

Private Client

Nina is responsible for managing the Private Client Department and specialises in advising clients in relation to Wills, Probate matters, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Applications for Deputyship.

She is well-known for her excellent attention to detail and meticulous drafting skills. Nina understands that most people are reluctant to think about preparing for what will happen in the future. She is very approachable and easily builds a good rapport with clients when discussing such sensitive topics.

Nina is happy to undertake home visits for elderly, frail or physically impaired clients, who are unable to attend our offices.
We offer competitive fixed fee packages, which are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact Nina if you require any advice or to discuss our tailored fixed fee packages.

Criminal Litigation

Nina has extensive experience in dealing with a wide array of criminal offences, including Fraud, Violent Disorder, GBH, Rape and Murder. She regularly represents both adult and youth clients in Police Stations, Youth Courts and Magistrates Courts.

Nina is also an experienced Higher Court Advocate and regularly appears in the Crown Court. She has been praised for her thorough preparation of complex cases, and has often represented clients with serious psychiatric conditions.

Nina is the firm’s specialist in cases involving “dangerous dogs” legislation and animal welfare. She has been successful in preventing dogs from being destroyed unnecessarily under the Dangerous Dogs Act. She believes that an animal’s welfare is of paramount importance.

Nina has acted as led junior defence counsel in four separate Crown Court trials; a multi-million pound Conspiracy to Money Launder and Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs, two separate Murder trials, one of which was a suspected gang-related (investigated by Operation Trident) and the re-trial of a case involving the importation of a large amount of Controlled Drugs. More recently, Nina was instructed as led junior defence counsel in a Manslaughter case.

During the trial Nina’s precisely drafted skeleton argument, together with the eloquence and courtroom skill of leading Queens’ Counsel resulted in our client being acquitted. In addition to this, Nina has had sole conduct of several trials in the Crown Court, many of which have resulted in our clients being acquitted.

When Nina is not working hard to represent her clients she enjoys cooking, photography and looking after her two cats.

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Ranjit Siddle LL.B (Hons) – Associate Solicitor

Ranjit Siddle is a senior solicitor who now specialises in family law and the problems that can arise. She is a member of ‘Resolution’ which commits family lawyers to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way. She firmly believes in the preservation of your dignity in conducting your dispute resolution.

Ranjit provides clients with a professional and efficient service. With family law being a highly sensitive and delicate area of law, all clients are shown empathy and compassion. She is extremely thorough in her preparation of all cases and will strive to ensure that she achieves the best settlement for her clients.

Ranjit can provide full and comprehensive advice in relation to all aspects of family law.

Whilst we are not contracted for legal aid work in family law, Ranjit offers fixed, competitive rates for certain matters or competitive hourly rates in more complicated cases.

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Parmi Bhogal – Solicitor-Advocate

Parmi has an extensive criminal litigation background and has represented clients facing a wide variety of allegations from road traffic matters to serious assaults (GBH), large-scale conspiracies, drugs cases, murder and sexual offences.He is a robust advocate in court who enjoys the challenges of complex legal argument and combines this with thorough case preparation to promote and protect his clients’ interests in all proceedings. He also regularly attends police stations to actively defend clients facing serious allegations.Parmi’s strength lies in his ability to establish a friendly no-nonsense approach with his clients and is able to give good sound advice at the crucial stages in a client’s case.He qualified as a solicitor in 1999 and joined Darton law in June 2013.In his spare time, Parmi regularly plays amateur badminton and hockey for the Gymkhana Hockey Club in Middlesex.

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Bindi Tamana – Associate Solicitor

Bindi Tamana qualified as a solicitor in 2003.

Since that time she has specialised in criminal law, although she has had the opportunity of carrying out work in Immigration and Asylum law.

Bindi is a qualified criminal duty solicitor and currently works as a criminal defence lawyer. She has also worked as a Senior Crown Prosecutor.

Her regular work entails representing clients at police stations for a wide range of offences including murder, rape and drug offences.

She is also a confident advocate and has successfully defended clients at trials in the magistrates’ courts and represents clients at Crown Courts for bail applications and sentence hearings.

Bindi works well under pressure and holds a good rapport with clients who find her professional, friendly and approachable.

Bindi worked for a successful West London law firm for a number of years before deciding to join Darton law.

She finds yoga and Pilates as a good way of relaxing.

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Kate Maddison - Solicitor

Kate is a solicitor having worked with the firm since 2013. She is experienced in dealing with cases in both the Family Law and Criminal departments.

In family law, she has been involved in divorce matters, Children Act proceedings and applications for ancillary (financial) relief. She is empathic yet diligent when taking instructions and giving advice.

In criminal matters, Kate has also gained a large amount of experience in representing clients at the police station, advising clients through court proceedings and preparing cases for trial. She is an advocate in the Magistrates Court and can advise and represent with regard to such cases and also motoring offences.

Kate is meticulous in her preparation of all cases and ensures that she receives the best results for her clients.

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Jullian Waskett Solicitor-Advocate

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James Osborne Consultant Solicitor

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Cheryl Mitchell – Accounts

Cheryl has extensive experience in dealing with accounts and deals with billing aspects of the firm. In her spare time she enjoys line dancing with Tony.

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Melanie Holland Paralegal

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Manveet Chhina Paralegal and Police Station Accredited Representative

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  • I was able to contact at any time and always given a response. I knew what happening with my case every step of the way. I was totally impressed with the whole service provided by Darren and his colleagues and he also took the time to explain things to my family. Myself and my family could not be happier – not a single bad thing to say.Miss H, Uxbridge
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