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We at Darton Law Limited are able to act for both the employer and the employee. Employment law changes and develops at a fast pace. We can keep clients up to date with the latest employment issues. We offer a pro-active service, managing changes within a client’s organisation or career.

Services we offer include:

  • Drafting Employment Contracts, Hand-books and disciplinary procedures
  • Conducting Employment Tribunal proceedings (including advocacy)
  • Unfair/WrongfulDismissal/Constructive Dismissal Claims
  • Drafting and Considering Compromise Agreements
  • Planning and implementing dismissals and redundancies
  • Disciplinary measures
  • Preventing and Managing discrimination disputes
  • TUPE and Managing Employment issues upon transfer or acquisition of a company

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Employment law makes a contract of employment an agreement between an employer and employee about the offer of benefits to the employee in return for work carried out. When the employment contract is accepted, rights and duties become enforceable through employment tribunals. A written contract can reduce disputes between the employer and employee at a later date.

As well as helping you draft new paperwork, we can also check over any existing documentation to make sure it complies with all of the relevant legislation and is of a high enough standard to provide complete protection, clarity and transparency for the business and its staff.

The Employment Tribunal is a specialist tribunal designed to hear claims from people who feel their employer or potential employer has treated them unlawfully.

The Tribunal can rule on a wide range of issues, including discrimination, unfair dismissal and non-payment of wages. If you have an employment dispute of any kind, you may consider taking it to an Employment Tribunal.

When taking a claim to the Employment Tribunal, it’s important to have experts by your side. We’ve helped many people through the employment dispute process, from early attempts to find an informal solution right the way through to the Tribunal.

Most people’s employment ends amicably and no claim is made against the employer. However, in some circumstances, an employee may have grounds to commence proceedings either in the Employment Tribunal or the Civil Courts. If you are or were an employee and feel like you were unfairly treated, please contact us for a initial assessment of your case.
A compromise agreement is a legally binding agreement between a business and an employee under which the employee agrees to settle their potential claims and in return the employer will agree to pay financial compensation. Sometimes the agreement will include other things of benefit to the employee, such as an agreed reference letter.
When people say they have been made redundant they often simply mean that they have lost their job. The term “redundancy” means something specific in law though, and when carrying out redundancies employers have to follow a fair process. Stating that a dismissal is for redundancy when it isn’t, and/or failing to follow the correct process can result in successful claims of unfair dismissal and even discrimination. If an employer is dismissing 20 or more employees at one establishment there is an even more specific process to follow and failure to follow that can result in compensation of up to 90 days’ pay for each employee. So, in short, failing to deal with redundancy properly can prove very costly.

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As first time buyers, we had our Conveyancing done with Darton Law and I couldn’t have wished for a better service. We were completely clueless about the process but Anne, James and Darren kept us informed throughout, and took all the stress out of the experience. Many people told me how the “legal” part of house buying was the worst bit, however I couldn’t disagree more, everything went through seamlessly and we exchanged and completed exactly when we wanted to. Thanks to everyone in the team! Will definitely use Darton again in the future.

Miss W, Chessington

The service was very approachable and friendly. I was kept informed at every stage of the proceedings. Very impressed with the professional service of the partnership which lead to a very satisfactory outcome.

Mr W, Stanwell

I was able to contact at any time and always given a response. I knew what happening with my case every step of the way. I was totally impressed with the whole service provided by Darren and his colleagues and he also took the time to explain things to my family. Myself and my family could not be happier – not a single bad thing to say.

Miss H, Uxbridge

It was made very easy for me to understand. I now understand the hard work and time which was put into preparing the defence for my case, it was brilliant.

Mr P, West Molesey

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